EWE is a one-stop solution for engineering and services and meets the business need of the sugar industry in India and abroad


At EWE Tec Consultants, we have expertise in the engineering of sugar complex from unloadings section till bagging both for brownfield expansions and setting up greenfield sugar projects. The company is one-stop solution for engineering and services and meets the business need of the sugar industry in India and abroad. We do take the responsibility of the plant and machinery for the following sections of a sugar plant. 


  • Sugar Manufacturing. 
  • Invert Sugar. 
  • Sugar Refinery. 
  • Distilleries. 
  • Cogeneration plants. 


Our ambit of services include a variety of services that can be obtained:    


  • Selection and sizing of equipment and specification 
  • Project planning, execution commissioning services 
  • Energy optimisation for achieving lowest energy consumption for Raw, white and Refined sugars production 
  • Sugar value-added products like brown sugar, sugar crystals, sugar powder & VHP sugar. 
  • Process Heat circuit designs 
  • Steam economy enhancement. 
  • Plant Automation - DCS, SCADA & PLC. 
  • Equipment design for modern integral Falling film evaporators. 
  • Balancing, Modernization, Rehabilitation, and expansion of existing sugar factories 
  • Raw Back end refinery design to achieve high steam % cane with the modernization of the plant. 
  • Cooling system design and optimisation. 
  • Optimisation of mill house and boiling house. 
  • Condensate heat recovery and condensate return for boiler feedwater 
  • Design of fully automated Ion exchange resin based decolourisation station. 
  • Design, Retrofit and up-gradation of Co-generation plants. 
  • Molasses based distilleries to produce RS, ENA, Ethanol and power alcohol. (Do visit our section under Solutions - Distilleries) 
  • Electrical system engineering for power generation, power evacuation and synchronization with utility Grid 
  • Water management, water treatment, water recycling & zero liquid discharge (ZLD) 
  • Co-generation plant/power plant - steam generators/boiler, STG - steam turbine generator and BOP. 



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