EWE offers solutions for Desalination and drinking water using stand alone or a combination of RO, MSF, MED etc for TDS reduction. It develops and promotes desalination and water reuse using various technologies.


EWE develops and promotes desalination and water reuse worldwide using desalination technologies and advanced water treatment technologies. About 16,000 desalination plants provide water supply for 5% of the world’s population located in water-starved coastal areas. We work on a single process or a hybrid process using Reverse Osmosis (RO), Multi-stage Flash Distillation MSF, Multi-Effect Distillation MED for reclamation of pure water from seawater having salinity is the range of 25,000 to 60,000 ppm
The Desalination salient features are:
  • Ideally located close to seashore within a distance of 0.50 to 10.00 Kms.
  • Self Reliance on water.
  • built-in modules ranging from 1 MLD to as high as 1000 MLD in modular units.
  • High Recovery ranging from 50% to 60% depending on the pretreatment selection.
  • Low specific power consumption ranging from 2.50 to 4.50 KWh/m3.
  • High Boron rejection 92.00 % +
  • Energy recovery using ERT.
  • Latest technology using a blend of low recovery and high recovery membranes.
We provide resources to industry and institutions for Engineering, Process Design, Engineering, Project management and Troubleshooting of plant operations, techno-feasibility study, data collection, site selection for demo plant, development of a financial framework, preliminary design and contract document, recommendations for the management of plant through BOT, BOOT, Environmental management and assessment, Estimation of CAPEX & OPEX.
  • EWE undertakes the following studies for the project as an end to end responsibility of the Project: Oceanographic studies.
  • Marine Environmental Impact Assessment studies.
  • Rapid EIA of high saline rejects on coastal marine life and fisheries.
  • Delineation of LTL and HTL and CRZ- Coastal Regulation Zone.
  • Marine geophysical investigations.
  • A mathematical Modeling study on the dispersion of saline rejects disposed of in the sea.
  • Water Quality Geotechnical Investigations studies to assess the properties of the soil.
  • Geotechnical Investigations studies to assess the properties of the soil.
  • Bathymetry study

In a nutshell, EWE can offer you end to end solutions for your desalination needs.



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