Thermal Engineering

EWE Tec Consultants, has over 35 years of experience in Heat Exchangers, Boilers, WHRB, HRSB, Cooling systems.

Thermal Engineering

At EWE Tec Consultants, we have over 35 years of experience in applying heat transfer expertise to process plants. EWE team focusses on selecting the best heat transfer equipment for your specific needs. We have expertise in single-phase and two-phase heat transfer:

Our Services Include:

  • Thermal design of new and retrofit heat exchangers 
  • Design, Optimisation and troubleshooting of Boilers, heat exchangers, condensers etc
  • Heating and cooling systems design
  • Training in General Heat transfer Concepts and Heat Exchanger Design
  • Process Engineering Support

Domain Expertise:

EWE Tec Consultants have has a vast experience in Thermal engineering of unit processing of Boilers, Heat Exchangers including simulation of Thermal Processes.

  • Steam Engineering
  • Steam and high-pressure piping design and stress analysis using software such as CAEPIPE, CEASER II etc.
  • Combustion Calculations.
  • Thermal & Mechanical Design of Boilers (Water Tube Boilers, Fire Tube Boilers, Dumping Grate, Travelling Grate, AFBC, CFBC, Fired and unfired WHRB, Fired and unfired HRSG, Recuperator, Economizers, Superheaters, De-aerators etc.
  • Heat Exchangers - PHE, Shell & Tube heat exchangers, Corrugated tube heat exchangers, Spiral Heat exchanger etc. The design is done per with guidelines of Heat Transfer Institute (HTI & HTRI) and TEMA.
  • Condensate & Energy Recovery.
  • Energy recovery from Radiation losses - Kiln of cement plant.
  • Coolers - Air-cooled Condensors, Recuperators, Air coolers etc.
  • Cooling Systems.
  • Fired heaters & Furnaces.



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