Control & Instrumentation

Control & Instrumentation

By understanding automation need individually and providing it as a part of unique customized solutions, for every individual client, by a team of Automation Professionals, EWE is creating a niche position for themselves in providing best valued solutions for its clients in identified industry sectors like Chemicals, Distilleries, Power, Water Treatment and Distribution. the principal objective is to make available all the automation gains as in big league core sector projects to small and medium scale industry jobs. Optimization on the level of automation EWE has been able to arrive at a level for money on varied levels of automation. The strength of EWE C&I team has been to utilizing the maximum of any single process variables. Banking on sound principles of automation and its control level we can get help selection of the right instrument and its control loop selecting it with the right response time.

An effective role in designing the automation of the process enables the EWE to also lead the activities of other developers and OEMs in collaborating to deliver an end to end outcome with utmost cost optimization. In addition to providing automation solution, EWE provides a set of value added services for PLC,DCS, SCADA and other control systems like,

1. Determining and quantifying the dosage of automation to match the business needs of every individual client. 

2. Provide Automation consultancy, even as a stand-alone solution, with a difference, as a trusted advisor/problem solver, beyond traditional concepts of contractual jobs. In the process, EWE aims to engage with customers in a manner that drives into the heart of client team members to build a credible relation to delivering a win-win result

3. Encouraging a client to extend the periphery of Automation beyond industrial process to their business decision domain, hitherto untouched by midscale industries. In the process, ushering in new revenue opportunities for the client by improving ROI, enhancing dependenceon automated data and using the data for small plant audits.

4. Supporting a client in going thru' regimented training for its' skilled staff, rather than undergoing routine product training by OEMS.

5. Supporting a client with the automation need from concept to commissioning, avoid counselling of multi modal agencies.

6. Supporting a client during their capacity extension, Plant remodeling etc with optimum change/modification of automation in minimum lead time.


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