We undertake studies for restoration of Lakes, Wells, Canals & Rivers. We also offer services such as hydrocarbon spill remediation


About Bioremediation of Lake / Water Bodies:

Organic compounds along with nitrogen or phosphorus entering the lake/pond from different water sources pollute it and increase lake Trophic State Index (TSI). Such influx of pollutants has drastic effect on the aquatic environment and on water quality in general. These pollutants lead to growth of algae that imparts foul odour and taste to lake water. This is further complicated with lowering of dissolved oxygen and reduction in sunlight penetration in water. As an effect of this, fish and other aquatic animals start suffering.

Organic matter from dead decomposing fish etc imparts foul odour and taste to water and leads to ammonia and H2S production. Pond Bioremediation makes use of highly vigorous microbes and enzymes that rapidly degrade harmful pollutants in Eutrophic lake water without putting a load on dissolved oxygen. It is a highly efficient microbial ecosystem that rapidly depletes nitrogen and phosphorus from water thus starving algae and reversing the eutrophication process. Pond Bioremediation is a proven lake bioremediation solution that lowers TSI significantly. Pond Bioremediation also helps in deepening the lake bed through a process called “bio-dredging”.

The EWE Bioremediation Experience:

EWE has been in this Field since 2008 and has done about 12 such studies.


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