EWE Tec Consultants has its strength in process engineering and thus with sound domain knowledge and subject matter experts (SME) they work in close co-operation with client / their teams to undertake Audits / Deviations.



EWE Tec Consultants has its strength in process engineering and thus with sound domain knowledge and subject matter experts (SME) they work in close co-operation with client / their teams to undertake Audits / Deviations. They develop SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) along with the complete Management System in the various area as enumerated below: 


  • Fire Audit. / Fire Safety Audit. 
  • Electrical Audit. 
  • Industrial Safety Audit. 
  • Construction Safety Audit. 
  • Corporate EHS Audit. 
  • EHS Legal Audit. 
  • Environmental Audit. 
  • Water Audit. 
  • Risk Management. 


EWE Tec consultants can offer services in a multi arena in the filed of respective audits. 

  • Partner the site maintenance team to develop standard operating procedures (SOP) for controlling the risks.  
  • Training your staff to implement these procedures  
  • Setting objectives to meet your contractual & ongoing improvement commitments.  
  • Assist the team to develop EHS (Environmental Health & Safety) procedures which will meet the set objectives  
  • Develop and implement an efficient plus cost-effective software system for documentation & control  
  • Measure the performance of your facilities & management systems to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance and sound management system.
  • EWE provides a variety of services to clients to help them verify that their activities and operations, as revealed through audits, comply with local regulatory requirements, internal corporate policies and procedures are appropriate and are best applicable to management standards.  
  • Our auditors also audit the facility's conformity to the management standards, including the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. We also advise our clients on appropriate improvements to their audit processes.  
  •  Our reports typically identify the root causes of non-compliance or other deficiencies, priorities-issues according to the greatest risk and potential for harm to our clients, clearly explain the regulatory requirements that are not fully complied with, and recommend areas for improvement. We also keep the eye open for innovations that might serve as models for others within the client organization. 




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