MEP Services

Mechnical, Plumbing, Piping, Electrical, Fire, HVAC design and engineering

MEP Services

EWE deliver solutions for building projects for Industry, Government, Commercial, Realty and Leisure sectors. Our building engineering specialists have expertise in structural and building services engineering like Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire engineering, HVAC, Acoustics, Piping & Ducting and Facades, with adequate knowledge and design experience with Indian and International codes.


  • Pumbing system design.
  • Water Network design & analysis.
  • Topography study & Countouring.


Generally all the wastage water from all the floors are being driven out from the building through the main drainage pipes, and that main pipe is connected to the “MUNCIPALITY” lines. The main line is located at near ground floor. The waste water from the entire floor is collected at the ground floor manhole from the gravity and is passed to Municipality main connection. The waste water from the basements are collected at lower basement sump pit and pumped to the ground floor manhole from there same is driven out. Out side the building there is Final Inspection Chamber (FIC) and that chamber connected to Municipality Manhole. All the water flows to main sump through FIC only. Inside the building we have Gully trap, Manholes, Sediment collector, Sand trap etc., according to the design of drainage system. The salient features of our design would facilitate non clog design and prevention of back flush of sewage waste.


  • LT & HT sytems.
  • Earthing system design.


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EWE Consulting Engineers offers services involving Fire Alarm and Security Systems & Fire Protection Systems. Greenfield projects and upgrades are undertaken considering one or more of the following:

  • Hydrant System.
  • Sprinkler System.
  • Medium Velocity Water Spray System.
  • High Velocity Water Spray System.
  • Fixed Foam System.
  • FS 49 C2 / FM200 / CO2 Gas Flooding System.
  • Dry Chemical Powder System.
  • Foam Monitor System for Jetties.
  • Conventional Fire Alarm System.
  • Analogue Addressable Fire Detection and Alarm System.


The Systems designed by us confirm to international standard laid down by NBC / NFPA / LPC / BIS / OISD as well as the local TAC norms with approvals by UL/FM/LPC/DNV/ISI/TAC and met the BS / EN-54 manufacturing standards.


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