Life @ EWE

EWE offers a right balance between Learning, Working and Home. So if money in not the only criteria you work for we have the right spot for you. Below a section of the Team Celebrating Togetherness

Life @ EWE

At EWE we have experienced - finding people with the right skills is never easy and finding people with the right attitude is even harder. With competition for talent becoming ever more intense, it is imperative that once we have found the right set of people that we can keep our people engaged and motivated.  


 We are firm believers of the fact that the long-term success of our business depends on our ability to not only attract but also to retain the best talent across all age groups. To meet the above-mentioned goal EWE Team, invest significant resources in employee engagement activities and create an environment where employees feel that all aspects of their work and personal lives are being supported. 


We believe in the 5P propositions: 


  • 1. Attitude is more important than skill - Your attitude decides your altitude. (1P) 
    It is easy for any employer to develop the skills of an employee if the employee is trainable. The real challenge lies in finding someone with the right attitude in the first place. 


  • 2. Maitree (2P) 
    A fundamental part of employee engagement is making the workplace a positive and enjoyable place to be, so we work hard to encourage a fun, vibrant culture. Teamwork is highly viewed and conjugation with self-esteem and respect. 

 3. Striking the right Work-Life balance (3P) 


"All work and no play makes Jack a dull person." There is a balance between your professional  

and personal life which leads to  


  • 4. Your basic sense and desire to excel is more important than the degree you hold (4P) 


  • 5. We can grow only if you grow (5P) 


We believe in reinventing and upgrading ourselves. Training programs have been designed in such a manner that they can be taken at their convenience, as it eases the employees to have their own time, without feeling pressure to complete within a timeframe.  


We have worked hard to establish a culture where employees are encouraged to speak openly and include their spouses, partners and families in EWE social activities, whether it is bringing their families to community picnics or joining us for festive celebrations.  




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