The EWE Core Team

Meet the drivers at EWE

The EWE Core Team


Vikrum Kishore Sharma

Principal Consultant

Vikrum holds a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Technology along with a masters degree in Energy & Environment from IIT Delhi. He has with him over 32 years’ of extensive working experience in the field of Chemicals, Energy & Power, Water and Wastewater, Desalination, Pharma, Food and Infrastructure sector. He has successfully managed to develop, acquire, and implement Infrastructure, Water, Energy and Environmental projects. He started his career with Thermax Limited as a Design Engineer and over the years worked on various prestigious projects. Known for his innovative and holistic design approach he is defending an international US patent on IBT Technology.


Nandni Joshi

Sr. Consultant –( Environment Water & Desalination)

Nandni holds a Masters degree in Environmental Technology from Kurukshetra University and has prior experience in the global water and waste water treatment industry serving clients in the Municipal, Power, Chemical Process, Food and Beverage, textile, Sugar Industries, Steel, Automobile and Oil & Gas Industrial sectors. She has past experience with EIA and is a quick learner. She has been involved in the design of various water and waste water treatment plants using different technologies including Ion Exchange, Membranes, and EDI, Thermal Evaporation, Desalination, and Integrated Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) systems. 



Sonal Tiwari

Dy. Manager (Human Resources and Administration)

Sonal holds a Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology and an MBA in HR & Finance. She has had a 7 year tenure with EWE and is a gogetter enriched in dynamism. Though she holds an administrative post she has been able to keep connected with her technical capabilities and education. In addition to her present role she holds and added responsibility of the Biotech & T&D sections. Sonal has been instrumental in implementation of HRIS, Policies and Competency based mapping at EWE and has been instrumental in building the base and culture of the company.



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