Water & Waste Water

EWE expertise in Water & Waste Water Solutions offers green solutions treatment

Water & Waste Water

EWE's expertise in Water & Waste Water Solutions offers green solutions treatment and recycling for Industrial, Commercial, Defense, Hospitality, Reality and Municipal sectors. Clients are provided total water management and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) solutions that an compass combination of one or more of the following technologies:

  • Physico Chemical Treatment.
  • Clarification & Filtration - Media Filters (DMF / PSF), ACF, IRF, Garnet Filter, Chrushed Media Filters.
  • REAP (Advanced Fluidise Aerobic Process)
  • ACCOP ( Five Phase Advanced Oxidation Process)
  • Root Zone
  • Bio Filter
  • Oil Water Separators - TPI / API / DAF / Belt Skkimmers etc.
  • Aerabic Treatment Proceess of Sewage & Waste Water - Extended Aeration, Trickling FIlter, MBBR, SBR, MBR, VCR.
  • ABF (Anaerobic Baffle Reactor)
  • Rotating Biological Contactors
  • UASB (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor)
  • Multiple effect Evaporator - Based on Falsh, TVR & MVR.
  • Anti Solvent Crystallaisation.
  • Desalination - Membrane & MED.
  • De-mineralisation (DM & MB system) with CEDI.
  • Clarification & Filtration – HRSCC and UHRSCC
  • Ultra filtration & Nanofiltration.
  • Dissolved Air Floatation
  • DiAF (Dispersed air gas flotation)
  • Anti freeze crystalistaion
  • Wet air oxdation (WAO)
  • Electro Co-agulation
  • Electro Flotation

Pilot plants for major technologies are available and treatability studies can be undrtaken at our Laboratory. 

EWE Consulting Engineers has design & Engineered Water Intake systems for Meha Projects as Steel & Power with Transmission mains suitable of about 12,500 m3/h ( 300 MLD Capacity). the scope of expertise being Hydraulic sizing, Transmission mains of about 9.0 Km, Detailed layout & Structural Design, detailing of Electromechanical structures. The scope undertook Transient analysis using SAP2R. EWE Consulting Engineers has a proven experise to study surge analysis and design remedial measures of upto 32 Km of pipe line and can handle upto 100 km length in single / multiple pumping system as pressurised mains.

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