You can avail the EWE expertise to have your project delivered on Time with value for your money.


EWE Consulting Engineers has in house expertise with CRE softwares for simulation and kinetics analysis for a wide range of plants. In addition to in house expertise we do have sector specific associate consultants who have a wide range of Expertise in respective fields in Design, Engineering, Erection, Comissioning, Operations, Upgrade and Trouble shooting of operational problems.

  • Updated Bankable Project Report for more than 150 Chemical & Mechanical Projects.
  • Thermal, Mechanical Design of Process Equipment with/without FEA.
  • Process knowhow for - Adhesives, SOP, MOP, GSSP, ZSHH, Oleum, Sulphuric Acid, Alum, PAC, Distilleries, Breweries, Alcohol BAsed Projects, Stearates, Carbon based projects, Gypsum, Lime etc.
  • Fermentation.
  • Catalysed Reactions.
  • Soaps and Detergents.
  • Sulphonation Plants for LABSA, FAMES, AOS.
  • Edible Oil Extraction and Refining Plants.
  • Oil Splitting, Fractionation and Distillation Plant.
  • Polymerization and Esterification reaction based plants. 

Apart from the above we have project profiles for more than 500 project at nominal cost.

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