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EHSS Services

EWE is a provider of environmental, health, safety, risk, social services and sustainability services (EHSS). We have helped business and government clients helping them manage the sustainability challenges that the world is facing. EWE undertakes services in the EHSS segment, some of which are listed as:

1.  Environmental ,Social, and Governance (ESG) Risk Assessment

ESG factors play an important role in investment process as they reduce the risk & deliver competitive long term investment performance.

  Environment: Climate Change, Emissions & Waste, Resource Efficiency

  Social: Diversity, Human Capital & Safety, Product Integrity & Supply Chain Management, Community Relations

  Governance: Board & Executive Diversity, Corporate Structure, Accounting & Transparency, Executive Compensation

2.  CSR Consulting & Strategy

CSR is a strategic initiative adopted by leading companies to embrace a sustainable approach to their business.

3.  Corporate EHSS Compliance Audits

At EWE, we help establish EHS standards and policies for its clients, to achieve the company's overall commitment to protect the health and safety of its people and protect the environment, while achieving high standards of EHS performance.

4.  Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and Due Diligence Audits

A Phase I “Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)”, is an investigation based on ASTM 1527-13 in which all aspects of a given environment including soil and groundwater contamination are assessed. In a Phase I ESA, generally, we visit the target site, review documents, interview site personnel, and inspect the site.

5.  Phase II Soil and Groundwater Investigations

If a site is considered contaminated, a Phase II environmental site assessment may be conducted, ASTM test E1903, a more detailed investigation involving chemical analysis for hazardous substances and/or petroleum hydrocarbons.

6.   EHS and Social Regulatory Updates and Permitting Support

It’s a cost-effective tool for monitoring and tracking new and upcoming EHSS Legislations in India and its neighboring countries. The Regulatory Updates are provided through e-mails, making it efficient and easy for the clients to review them and take appropriate actions where required.

7.   E-Waste and Hazardous Waste Management for Compliance Assurance

We provide Consulting and Permitting Support in preparing and obtaining e-waste authorization for the client's operations as per the requirements of the e-Waste Rules, 2011. We also provide assistance in Hazardous Waste Management by exploring the possibility of transportation and final disposal of hazardous wastes from the client's facility to the Centralized Hazardous Waste-Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities (CHW-TSDF) based on technical, legal, and financial.

8.  Water, Energy & Carbon footprint mapping

The water footprint of a business, the 'corporate water footprint’, is defined as the total volume of freshwater that is used directly or indirectly to run and support a business. It consists of two components: the direct water use by the producer (for producing/manufacturing or for supporting activities) and the indirect water use (in the producer’s supply chain).

9.  Development, Planning and Implementation of CSR

We help clients prepare, plan, implement, and monitor CSR policy that is not only compliant with section 135 of the Act but also tailor made, strategic, combined with the value chains, and geared towards business responsibility accounting and reporting.

10.  Water Management and Plant Performance Evaluation

Through water Management and plant performance evaluation, wastewater and storm water become water supply assets to meet water demands based on the clients' needs, and land uses are analyzed to reduce impermeable surfaces to allow water to be retained on site.
We also assist in calculating the water footprint of a selected unit based on total volume of freshwater used to produce goods and services by the business.

11.  Hydro Geological Studies and Design of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

We conduct Hydrological and Hydro geological studies for surface and groundwater resource evaluation, Water Source Assessment in the watershed and its vulnerability in terms of quantity and quality for existing or proposed manufacturing facilities.

12.  Risk Management, Mapping & Mitigation

Managing the Environment, health and safety of business must control the risks in the workplace. Safety Risk Assessment (HIRA) is a pro active process of evaluating risks to workers safety and health hazards at the workplace.

13.  Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Studies

We conduct ESIA to meet the project's environmental and social assessment requirements following IFC's Policy on Environmental and Social Sustainability (2012) strictly adhering to IFC Performance Standard, 2012.

14.  Environmental Due Diligence for Investors

Larger Corporate transaction related to purchase/renting/leasing the land, essentially requires environment due diligence. This is required to identify the hidden environmental liabilities associated with the land and the cost required for management.

15.  Establishment of EHSS Management Systems at Organizational Level

We offer quality service to our clients in planning, prioritizing, implementing, measuring, and reviewing EHS activities for ensuring their continuous improvement. We also help the organizations to develop and implement EHS standards applicable across the country. We assist companies to conduct business as per the company standards and applicable health, safety, and environment laws.

16.  Training and Capacity Building on EHS and Social Risk Management

We conduct in-house training programmes for professionals to develop their expertise and meet the expectations of the organization in regard to EHS concepts and values, laws and regulations, and risk assessment and management.

17.  Environment, Fire, & Safety Audit (IS 14489: 1998)

Fire is one of the threats faced by every individual & organization. For improvement into the fire system, Fire Audit is an effective tool which identified & assesses the fire risk during operation. Safety audit plays an ever increasing role to make our industry safer into the next level.

18.  Environment, Fire, & Safety Audit (IS 14489: 1998)

EWE expert’s consultants helps the organization  an urgent and proven need to strengthen / aid the in-house techno-legal capabilities of auditors to establish, achieve and maintain regulatory compliance on continual basis and also enhance capacity to interact effectively with the enforcement agencies on legal issues.

19. OHSAS – 18001 / BS 5500 & HACCP, Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) / Process Safety Management Audit (CFR 1910:110 OSHA) Audit & Certification

To achieve better occupational health and safety performance and economic objectives, organization worldwide implement the Occupational Health & Safety management system (OHSMS) which helps to reduce health and safety risks & improve overall performance. Process safety management is an inter-related approach which deal with unexpected release of toxic, reactive or flammable liquids & gases with the process industries and it’s aimed to reduce the occurrence and severity of incidents resulting from releases of chemicals & other sources.


At EWE we offer sartorially designed services to address client’s concerns. We are aware of the need to address the wider strategic maneuvers of our client.


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